Best LEGO Set Review 2016

Just this year alone, LEGO has released over 300 new Lego kits that were unveiled at this year’s New York Toy Fair. The new additions to the line were to be as expected with the City range has expended it’s variety as well as Ninjago, Friends, and the collectable Mixels. Along with the new collections, this year LEGO has licensed kits for Scooby Doo, Minecraft, Jurassic World, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, Marvel’s Ant-Man, and of course Star Wars. As an added bonus, a wide range for juniors and retro-styled classic sets were also unveiled.

Top 5 Best LEGO Sets

Here we have compiled some of the Best LEGO Sets this year and created an Ultimate Buying Guide as a resource for you to use.

LEGO Minecraft the Cave Playset 21113

Minecraft has always been a popular video game, and now it is as popular with Lego. This year, Lego showcased sets including The Snow hideout, The Dungeon, The Nether Fortress, The Desert Outposts, and our personal favourite, the Cave.

The cave includes 2 minifigures Steve and a Zombie, and features a waterfall, lava fall, coal, iron, Redstone, gold, and obsidian elements plus a TNT, torch, and even a ladder. With 249 assorted Lego pieces, you can combine this set with other sets to create your own Minecraft world.

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The set is decent with many play features and a good price. It is an excellent set for Mincrafters to play with. You build a lava and water portion of the cave then you build the upper level and the grassy area. Many of the blocks can be pulled off and removed and the instructions even give ways to rebuild portions of the set, which I liked a lot. This set comes with TNT, Iron, Coal, Gold, and Redstone Ores as the main blocks. There are torches and a chest with some bread in the upper area, with ladders to get there.


It’s a small set, so it wouldn’t take you a long time to build it. You have plenty to build but may have a hard time if you have small hands.

LEGO City Town Advent Calendar Building kit 60099

The LEGO city Advent Calendar makes the perfect countdown to Christmas with the police, artic, space and even Christmas-themed surprises including 6 mini figures. Enjoy the advent countdown that features 24 gifts. You get to meet Lego Santa, decorate the Christmas tree, build a snow man, and blast off into space aboard the shuttle. The Christmas themed logo kit makes you feel the warmth of Christmas by allowing you to help the police catch a crook; cook marshmallows on a log fire, and take a nice remote-controlled car for a spin on the town.

The set includes a town clock, snow scooter, ice skate stand, bulldozer, an airplane and more. The minifigures included are a policemen, crook, girl, 2 boys, and Santa himself. It also comes with a full instruction manual to know how to properly assemble the town.


Lego always makes a great advent calendar to count down until Christmas this makes it fun for kids and adults to interact and build with it. We love the city motif that complements some of the other sets with the daily additions of advent. Another great feature is that you can place them back into the holes and reopen them again next Christmas.


The price for the set may be considered too pricey for the advent calendar and features to some, but many would agree that it's worth it for the time spent bonding with family/relatives over Christmas holidays.

LEGO Scooby-doo The Mystery Machine building kit 75902

Scooby Doo was one of the most anticipated sets to be released this year. It looks as if Lego added The Mummy Museum Mystery, Mystery Machine, Plane Adventures, Haunted Lighthouse and the Mystery Mansion to focus on certain favourite Scooby Doo episodes. Now that there have been talks about the new animated Scooby Doo movie, Lego has already gone and developed the perfect Scooby doo kits for kids of all ages. The Mystery Machine building kit costs around $29.99, which isn’t the most expensive among the rest of the Scooby doo sets.

The kit features adjustable branches and a hidden gem element. You can open the vehicle to use the mystery solving equipment, create a giant LEGO sandwich, and read the clues to help solve the mystery. The mystery machine features a driver’s cabin, a removable roof and fold out sides for easy play, a stove, sink, spigot and assorted accessories including a spy glass, camera, torch, tape recorder, and 2 computer screens, special brick with a mystery clue, gem, mug and a giant sandwich.


We all know about the different adventures the Mystery solving gang get into, and it wouldn’t make sense to make only one option. Amongst the five adventures to choose from, The Mystery Machine is a favourite among consumers. The sets feature the iconic characters and famed machinery. Along with Scooby Doo himself, the kit also comes with Shaggy, Fred, along with the Mystery machine van.


The Scooby Doo set comes with basically everything you can think of when it comes to Scooby Doo and the mystery solving gang, even a Scooby snack except for Velma and Daphne.

LEGO Superheroes Attack on Avengers Tower

As heroes and villains continue to be a strong selling point for Lego, Marvel and DC comics’ newest characters have sets for Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ant- Man. The Lego Super Heroes: DC Universe has included two new Bat and Five Justice League sets. Attack on Avengers Tower is a top favourite among the superhero sets.

Attack on Avenger is one of the large sets in Lego’s new Avengers: Age of Ultron – inspired superhero line. It has plenty of nice features including five mini figures – Thor, Iron Man, Ultron and two iron legion robots. The set has 515 pieces and are quite small. There are so many neat little details (computer screens, hidden guns, and the medical bay) and hidden features that imaginative kids are going to have a blast with this set.

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The box has a nicely shape size that’s not too big with loads of details and features. There are some stud shooters. The bottom windows can fold out and open so Ultron can escape. The mini figures are great.


There are a lot of stickers and little spare parts to keep track of. And the windows will tend to fall off quite easily. Not what it could have been but still a very nice set. The price is a bit pricey if you are buying this for younger fans, though older fans will probably find this worth the price for a collector’s item.

LEGO Jurassic World Dilophosaurus Ambush Building Kit 75916

The Lego Jurassic World sets used different scenes from the Jurassic World film and recreated them in Lego brick form. It’s interesting to see some of the plots come to life in physical Lego form. Each of the kits was interesting on their own, but the Dilophosaurus Ambush Building Kit has become quite the favourite. The huge scale of the dinosaurs also revealed more tangible details of the genetically engineered dinosaurs featured in the film. You can pretty relive your favourite scenes from the films, and maybe even create your own.


With over 6 sets to choose from, we like the variety of their unique offerings and can only hope Lego with add more in the future. Each set comes with different concepts. The Pteranodon Capture involves putting together the famous Jurassic One helicopter, while our favourite, The Dilophosaurus Ambush comes with a Jurassic World 4x4.

Aside from the vehicles and dinosaurs, the set also comes with mini character figures that are straight out of the movie, such as the ACU troopers, Simon Masrani, Grey, Owen and Claire, and more. The size of the set is just the right size as they are not too big not small.


The Dilophosaurus is really the coolest feature of this set. Other than the dinosaur, this set is basically just a jeep. The style, feel, and overall experience however, brings me back more of a Jurassic Park experience and less Jurassic World. The main value-add of this set is that the dinosaur is a great addition to the Jurassic World collection. If this set doesn't add value to your existing sets, however,  we recommend perhaps exploring other options that give you a broader lay out once fully assembled for the same price point. 

LEGO Star Wars 75097 Advent Calendar Building Kit

With an open window every day to reveal 24 different gifts for Christmas, what better way than to open Star Wars themed gifts that features 5 mini figures and 2 holiday-themed Droids. Play out the LEGO Star Wars scenes on a fold out play mat with the many vehicles included such as Jabba’s Sail Barge, Sand Crawler, Star Destroyer, AT-AT, A-wing Star fighter, a sleigh, and the Millennium Falcon. The kit also features a Ewok weapon rack, catapult gun turret, blaster rack and a Hoth command post. With all the fun mini-models to assemble and place on the box’s area, including a C3PO holiday mini figure, you will have fun counting down the days until Christmas. This is perfect for any Star Wars fan than can reuse this advent kit every Christmas.


The kit was made of great quality as to be expected from Lego.


Some days were merely tiny stands that hold another day’s character’s weapons or something that supports another character. It is a bit disappointing to show all of the items that were included as the calendar would not be much of a surprise.

LEGO Disney Princess Elsa's Sparkling Ice Castle

This is a fun Lego set for the Frozen fans. It has 298 pieces, and the pieces to build the castle are unique unlike the other Lego friend’s sets. The LEGO Princess Elsa’s Sparkling Ice Castle features a castle with an icicle tree, snow sleigh, a secret stair case, ice cream bar, bed, and an ice hill.

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Great for any frozen lovers! The main characters Anna, Elsa, and Olaf are nicely detailed and are a great addition to the Disney Princess Lego sets.


This rendition of Elsa’s palace is a bit disappointing as they skipped the doors to the upstairs and the chandelier with is featured in the movie. There are some weird pieces on the ground floor and mismatched ice creams there weren’t part of the movie. The castle in the film is made of Elsa’s ice, so the rubies and purple bricks around it did not make any sense. For the price you pay you might have expected a bigger box and more pieces.

LEGO Juniors 10665 Spider-Man: Spider-Car Pursuit

Lego Juniors is the next step from the Duplo Lego and features more modular bricks that come with instructions to help the young builders learn and gain confidence. This year, Lego has release many sets including Pirate Treasure Hunt, Tow Truck, Fire Suitcase, and family house, along with licensed themes from Disney, Marvel, And DC comics. If your child loves superheroes, the Spider-Man: Spider-Car Pursuit is a hot ticket. The easy-to-build set is great for your child’s skills and development.


Great for kids who are past Duplo but still have a hard time with the class sets. Kids as young as 4 can build the entire set by themselves follow the instructions and rebuild whatever they want without any hassle. The set is great for those who love super heroes as the car base gives you a lot of things you can build with other LEGO pieces.


The set is nice but there’s not more to build the car, the building time doesn’t take long.

LEGO Friends 41102 Advent Calendar Building Kit

Another great countdown to Christmas is with the LEGO friends. The Lego advent calendar offers 24 buildable gifts separated in individual compartments. In this set you will build the winter village in Heartlake City Square, and find special winter sports equipment, games, and Christmas cakes and candies. Designed to cater to 5-12 year olds, this popular set comes with 233 pieces and 24 gifts. There are also some furry winter friends included too. The set includes Andrea and Liza mini-doll figures in a calendar with 24 secret compartments, each with its own buildable surprise.


Lego releases 3 different kinds of versions of their Advent Calendar every day, and this Friends model is tailored to girls. This is perfect for every LEGO loving princess out there. 

TIP: my favorite part has to be the hockey scene that you can make with this LEGO set


Overall, the Advent Calendar Building Kit is very well received by fans. Some wished it came in a larger set, given the total pieces to be 233 compared to larger sets that are made with 500+ pieces. 

LEGO City Police 60044 Mobile Police Unit

Lego city has continued to be one of the most long-standing series of Lego. This year, the new kits continued the build-and-play focus while adding some real-life heroes. There are more than 30 new sets and it one of the biggest expansions yet. The Lego City offers a range of themes including, the Swamp Police, Demolition, Space Port, Town Transport, and even Sea Exploration.

The City police Unit kit include 3 mini-figures 2 policemen and a crook. It features a mobile police unit with a control room along with 3 surveillance screens, a jail and detachable trailer with supportive legs. Another great feature is the road barrier storage compartment that comes with a folding antenna and satellite dish. Some of the accessories included is a ball and chain, handcuffs, flashlight, crowbar, money note, a walkie talkie and basically pretty much everything a policeman would need.


This is a nice medium sized kit that even the younger children would enjoy putting together themselves. The instructions are very helpful and you may even spend many hours playing, building, sorting, and your own designs.


The kit is nice for older children, though the younger children may have a hard time assembling the kit as the pieces tend to fall off.

What to consider when buying LEGOs

LEGO’s main goal is to encourage children of all ages to use their imagination and build fundamentals of physics and construction. They value the only rule that is associated with collecting LEGO is a person’s imagination. With the many sets designed for specific ages and different methods of collection depending on the buyer, collecting LEGO sets and bricks can be easy when you know what you are looking for.

Choose the Right LEGO (organized by age range)

In this section, we provide examples for LEGO sets appropriate to varying age of users to help you narrow down your LEGO set search

LEGO products range in different ages from 0 to adult. It is important for consumers to select LEGO toys that are appropriate for age, as there are safety concerns and enjoyment purposes.

Babies and Toddlers (ages 0-2)

Babies and Toddlers can learn the basics of building with DUPLO LEGO blocks and QUATRO LEGO blocks that are larger in size and can be easily manipulated with small hands. Some sets even feature their favourite characters including: Winnie the Pooh, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, and Bob the Builder.

Young Builders (ages 3-5)

DUPLO LEGO sets are more advanced for older toddlers. There are free-form building, brick and bucket LEGO sets that are available but favourite themes as well including animals, dinosaurs, police and firemen.

Master Builders (ages 6+)

Kids ages 6 and above can enjoy a wide variety of themed sets with every theme such as LEGO pirates and castles to Star Wars and Harry Potter LEGO sets. There are even action sets such as the LEGO cars and trucks and even NBA LEGO players that are quite popular with adults.

Are you a LEGO set collector?

It’s a good idea for any collector to pick a focus for their collection. You may want to select a special theme such as ninjas, LEGO trains, or the military sets or popular collectible themes such as Pirates of the Caribbean or Star Wars. LEGO has a large number of exclusives and special edition LEGO sets in the past. Some are more difficult to find pieces and therefore highly desirable.

LEGO bricks by the pound

One method shoppers want is to purchase LEGO bricks by the pound. Many sellers online sell LEGO bricks this way so they can get rid of a large quantity without the hassle of sorting them. Buying LEGO bricks in bulk are often used for completing large sculptures or projects.

LEGO kits and sets

Another method shoppers may want is to choose their LEGO toys in kits or sets. There are hundreds of kits available at any given time. The kits will come with specific pieces and are put together to make a certain sculpture.

How to Buy LEGO sets and the questions to ask

Before making any LEGO purchase, we recommend reading reviews and doing a bit of research because once you buy a LEGO set, you will be committing a few hours/days on average of your time. We recommend that you ask some of the following questions: 

  • What theme am I most interested in? 
  • Are you interested in a standalone set or a series that can be combined? 
  • What colors do I want to see once it is fully assembled?
  • What is the total # of pieces and how long will it take to assemble?

One thing to remember is that buying LEGO sets is very fun. It's not like shopping for hammers or screw drivers. LEGO sets often display incredible artwork with illuminating colors that make it appealing to observe. The brick set description is exciting to read and sometimes the writing is clever. Most importantly though, when I am shopping for LEGO sets, it just brings me back so many memories I have watching the movies/shows the LEGO set is themed after growing up in my youth. 

What’s Your Niche?

If you have a limited budget, ask yourself this question: what is it you would like to build? Spaceships? Houses? Castles? Ships? Trains? Or how about a life-size LEGO sculpture? Depending on your answer, you should look at the currently available LEGO sets and see what would give you the greatest amount of useful pieces in that theme.

If you like spaceships-type vehicles, I recommend purchasing the LEGO Star Wars Sets, even if you don’t actually care for Star Wars itself. The theme has a lot of pieces that can be used over and over again for spaceships of your own.

If you like building castles, I recommend choosing a set from the LEGO Castle Collection. They come with wall elements, arched windows roof pieces, and other parts than can be useful in your own castle.

If you like to build realistic city buildings, I recommend the limited edition LEGO sets that have been specifically targeted towards adults like the LEGO Grand Emporium or LEGO Tower Bridge. Both are full on unique and useful pieces and colours for town-building.

Colour Selection

Other criteria for purchasing a particular LEGO product would be the colours available in the set. If you are after gray pieces for your own buildings, look for sets that have a lot of those pieces. You may even want to consider purchasing LEGO buckets that only contain basic pieces in various colours.


Every LEGO set has a total piece count of the set posted on the outside of the box. You can use this number to calculate if the set is a good value for your money. Simply divide the price of the set with the number of pieces it comes with.

Licensed sets like LEGO Harry Potter and LEGO Star Wars do tend to have higher prices, while non-licensed sets cost between 7-10 cents per piece. Look out for regular sales that many department stores carry, such as holidays or when they need to move old inventory.

Sets or Individual Parts

In general, LEGO sets are cheaper, especially on sale. If most of the parts in that set are going to be useful to your own buildings, you should consider purchasing sets rather than individuals. LEGO itself have a “pick-a-brick_ section on their website, where you can find a decent selection of currently produced parts and buy each LEGO by the piece.

How to Clean LEGO pieces

To wash your LEGO bricks try using “lingerie bags” and wash them in the washing machine. Make sure to use COLD water cycle, gentle and no spin. Hand washing is really best and will decrease any chances of destroying any stickers on your LEGO bricks.

DON’T USE HOT WATER. If you use the dishwasher with warm or hot water, the colours start to fade; red turns into pink, black become greyish, etc.

If you are looking to clean dust off an assembled set or creation, use a fine haired crush such as camel hair makeup brushes. Then use them to gently brush away the dust from around the studs and crevices.

Another Approach is to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush, but do consider putting a bit of cloth in the vacuum, to catch any small parts that might be loose of you will lose pieces.

How to Save Money when Buying LEGOs

We know that LEGO products can be pricey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eventually get the LEGO sets you want the most. The following is some advice on how to get the LEGO sets you want without breaking your budget.

Choose Your LEGO Themes Wisely

Do research first as to whether you are really into the theme so you won’t be disappointed later. We often see advance images of LEGO sets but they don’t always live up to our expectations of it. Make sure to read the full descriptions. Check out the many MLEGO fan-sites for reviews.

Choose Your LEGO sets carefully

When you have decided on a theme, spread out the costs by buying a few sets or kits at a time. It’s generally a good idea to buy sets under $30 and save p for the bigger ones. Most of the larger sets will stay on the shelves longer because they are most likely beyond people’s budget.

Look for Sales

It’s always a great idea to buy LEGO products on sale if any at all possible. It’s even easier to buy more kits than you really should because of the discounts. If the savings greatly outweigh the options, it could be worth it. Just be sure you pay attention to how much you are really spending.

Ask for LEGO sets as Gifts

A great way to enjoy your holidays is to get LEGO as gifts, but make sure to let people know exactly what you want. This would be difficult for those not into LEGO. Make sure to give the set name and number, otherwise you may end up with that Mega Blocks set. Suggest that people should go in together and buy it for you; they may enjoy pitching in for a big gift.


Playing and collecting LEGO products can be enjoyable experience for people of all ages. With all the varieties to choose from, people can collect sets or build them own that appeal to their interest. Selecting the right LEGO products and knowing how to search for them are the first steps to building a nice, large collection. The number of creations is only limited by your imagination - so go out there and have fun!