Top 20 Best Star Wars LEGO Sets

The release of the new Star Wars movies has created a whole new wave of popularity and brand new fans for the series. It has also inspired a whole new collection of LEGO kits, which fit neatly alongside much loved classics. Here we explore twenty of the best Star Wars LEGO sets for new and old fans. Our list includes both exciting new creations and longtime classics so, whether you are a brand new builder or a long time collector, you will definitely find something to love in this list.

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Here is a list of the Top 20 Best Star Wars LEGO Sets

Transportation, Vehicles and Spaceships

The Star Wars franchise has introduced some of the most memorable and iconic spaceships in movie history, so it should come as no surprise that the first few items on this list are vehicles and weapons.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star (10188)

The Death Star is one of the most iconic images from any of the Star Wars films and this detailed recreation of the famous battle station will keep both dedicated LEGO builders and Star Wars fans happy for hours. It is a huge kit, with 3803 individual pieces and 24 minifigures, including many of the most well-known characters from the movies: Luke Skywalker, Obi Wan Kenobi, Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Emperor Palpatine and, of course, everyone’s favorite Wookiee: Chewbacca.

At 16” x 16.5”, the Death Star is big enough to provide hours of exciting play once it is fully built. The open build with different scenes, moveable parts and TIE Advanced Starfighter mean that there are lots of options to recreate moments from the movie. This beast of a kit is an absolute essential for any dedicated fan.

                                           Buy LEGO Star Wars Death Star (10188) here

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105

Another essential kit for Star Wars enthusiasts, the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy is here and ready to build. The Millenium Falcon is one of the best loved fictional spaceships ever created, for good reason. The box contains 1329 pieces and the finished model is 5” x 18” x 12”; it’s a perfect complement to the Death Star and an essential part of Star Wars related play and recreation. The 6 minifigures in the kit include Han Solo and Chewbacca (how would the Falcon fly without them?) and comes with many moveable parts, weapons and a great deal of detail.

                                      Buy LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon 75105 here

LEGO Sandcrawler 75059

This is another huge kit: 3296 pieces make up a finished model which measures 9” x 18” x 6”. Luke Skywalker and Uncle Owen are two of seven minifigs included in this set which also includes droids, droid parts and several moveable pieces, including wheels for moving the vehicle and a steering mechanism. If you are have had your fill of spaceships and fighting figures then this is worth considering as something a little different for the keen Star Wars LEGO collector.

                                           Buy LEGO Star Wars Sandcrawler 75059 here

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LEGO First Order Transporter 75103

Based on The Force Awakens, this set features the mysterious Captain Phasma and plenty of moving parts. Hidden wheels and spring loaded missiles add authenticity and interest. The inclusion of four First Order Troops and two Resistance Soldiers make this set a nice stand-alone piece which can be used to re-create battle scenes featuring both sides. This is not the prettiest looking vehicle so those who are looking for a display model might want to look elsewhere. But for features and playability it is one of the best in the new range and collectors will not be disappointed with the brand new minifigs.

                                         Buy LEGO First Order Transporter 75103 here

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LEGO Star Wars AT-AT 75054

Perhaps the most memorable vehicle from the Battle of Hoth, the LEGO AT-AT walker has a moveable head, spring loaded shooters and poseable legs. Five minifigures and four blaster weapons complete this set. It is a moderately challenging build so will suit a range of ages and works well as either a display piece or for play. The AT-AT is a good, fun all-rounder with some nice details.

                                              Buy LEGO Star Wars AT-AT 75054 here

LEGO First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101

A new generation, and a new battle commences. This set does not have as many features as some on the Star Wars series but it is made for play with four First Order minifigs, two seats (for pilot and rear gunner) and two spring loaded shooters. It is also a nice display model, with the new red cockpit making a striking feature. This set is will make good addition for any LEGO Star Wars fan who would like to update their collection with some of the new First Order kits.

                            Buy LEGO First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter 75101 here

LEGO Star Wars: Rey's Speeder 75099

Rey’s Speeder is small kit at just 193 pieces but, with two new minifigures (Rey and Unkar’s Thug) and lots of accessories to be mounted on the side of the vehicle, it certainly has plenty to offer. Based on The Force Awakens, this is a nice little kit for collectors and players alike.

                                        Buy LEGO Star Wars: Rey's Speeder 75099 here

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LEGO Homing Spider Droid 75142

Articulating legs mean that this 310 piece Homing Spider Droid is fully capable of walking into battle and defeating any enemy it is set against. This set is quite easy to build and comes with four minifigures, a Lightsaber and a blaster rifle. It’s a good choice for younger kids who want a lot of play value from a relatively easy build.


It’s time to choose your allegiance to the dark or the light side as you create these fantastic buildable characters and get ready to send them into battle.

Buy them you shall. Love them you will.

LEGO R2-D2 10225

This is the droid you are looking for. The big screen’s favorite robot comes in 2127 LEGO pieces, making it a fun project for builders aged 16 and over. As a part of LEGOs Ultimate Collector Series, the finished model is more suited to display than play. It stands over 12” high and, despite a few moving parts (including a retractable third leg and front panels that open), is a little too bulky and unwieldy to make a great toy. As a model and talking point, however, it is fantastic, with a great amount of detail.

Buy LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 10225 here 

LEGO Luke Skywalker 75110

It’s time for LEGO fans to declare their allegiance to the rebels with this 9” poseable model of rebel hero Luke Skywalker. Luke comes with a green lightsaber, blaster pistol, handcuffs and a holster; everything he needs to go into battle against the evil Empire. With just 83 pieces, Luke is not the most challenging build, neither is he as interesting to look at as some of the other models in this series. But his extra accessories make him perfect for play and a great addition to any LEGO Star Wars collection.

Buy LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker 75110 here

LEGO Darth Vader 75111

What is Luke Skywalker without his opponent (and surprising relative) Darth Vader? Buildable Vader is made with 160 pieces which combine to form a stunning model with fully poseable limbs and, of course, a bright red Lightsaber. Buy with the Luke Skywalker figure described above and get ready to re-enact the amazing Lightsaber duel we all remember from childhood.

Buy LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader 75111 here

LEGO Star Wars Rey 75113

With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, LEGO collectors have a whole new collection of sets to choose from. This moveable figure of Rey is a great first choice for those who like to play with their completed kits. 84 pieces make Rey a fairly easy model to complete but, like the Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader kits above, the real value comes once the kit is complete. Rey comes with a cloth outfit and carries a staff and a pistol for battle. If you have seen The Force Awakens and are looking for your next LEGO model then this is a good place to start.

Buy LEGO Star Wars Rey 75113 here

Settings and Scenery

No Star Wars LEGO collection would be truly complete without some reproductions of favorite moments from the movies. Re-create the best scenery and re-live those classic ‘Remember when…’ moments with one of the following kits.

10236 LEGO Ewok Village

The forest setting make this one of the nicest looking of the LEGO Star Wars series; the treetop homes of the Ewoks are made up of just under 2000 pieces and the und result spans over four trees and 21”. There are 14 weapons, 16 minifigs, a speeder and a variety of traps and secret surprises.

This is not a cheap set at $250 but it is definitely worth every penny for a LEGO enthusiast as there is a lot of play value to be had from the moving parts and figures.

                                           Buy LEGO Star Wars 10236 Ewok Village here

LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack 7956

Another Ewok themed set; this one sets the scene for an ambush so makes an excellent toy for those who like to play with their completed LEGO. The Ewok warrior waits in the treetop hideout, ready to ambush the scout trooper as he whizzes by on his speeder bike. A stone launcher and retractable ladder make attack from a distance inevitable. 166 pieces make this a good sized set with medium difficulty.

                                         Buy LEGO Star Wars Ewok Attack 7956 here

Death Star Final Duel 75093

This box contains everything you need to play out the final confrontation between Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and the Emperor Palpatine, and it really is packed full of features. The swing-out sides and opening doors allow easy access for the five minifigs, while the collapsible bridge and stairs add an element of fun. There is also a Force Jump function for Luke, a rotating and detachable throne and a hidden pop-up Lightsaber function. Re-create the scene from the film or play out your own version. With 724 pieces, this is one of the most playable sets on our list and it really does provide many hours of fun.

                                 Buy LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel 75093 here

LEGO Jabba's Sail Barge 75020

The set includes Jabba the Hutt, R2-D2, Princess Leia in her infamous gold slave outfit and three other quirky minifigures. It is worth taking a look at this one for the figures alone but there is a lot more to it. It is a large build of 850 pieces; the finished barge is 16 inches long and has a lot of features, with clever fold down sides and a lift off deck that allows easy access to the inside areas. There is plenty of play value and the set in big enough that other minifigures from different sets could be drafted in to add to the fun. All in all, this set in great value for money and a welcome addition to any LEOG collection.

                                    Buy LEGO Star Wars Jabba's Sail Barge 75020 here

LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber 75137

A pretty straightforward build but interesting nonetheless; the carbon freezing chamber from The Empire Strikes Back will prompt many daring rescue missions from imaginative LEGO players as they try to save Han Solo from his chilly fate. This set, complete with Han Solo, Bobo Fett and Ugnaught minifigs, is great for storytelling and roleplay.

                               Buy LEGO Star Wars Carbon-Freezing Chamber 75137 here

Battle Packs

Battle packs are perennial favorites and a low cost way to build your collection of minifigures and expand your battle scenes. Here we have chosen three of the most popular LEGO Star Wars Battle Packs to help you narrow down your search.

LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8083

At just 79 pieces, this is the smallest LEGO set on this list and best suited to younger builders who are not yet ready to tackle the bigger kits. It comes with 4 minifigures and blaster rifles and is aimed at the 6+ age group, though younger LEGO fans with some experience should manage it well enough with just a little help.

                            Buy LEGO Star Wars Rebel Trooper Battle Pack 8083 here

LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack 7913

Another small kit and the perfect complement to the Rebel Trooper pack above. Get four more minifigures and a BARC speeder to enhance your collection. The minifigs in these packs have some great details and they are relatively cheap, making them a great gift for young fans and a nice way to begin or continue a LEGO Star Wars collection.

                            Buy LEGO Star Wars Clone Trooper Battle Pack 7913 here

LEGO Star Wars First Order Battle Pack Building Set

The final item on our carefully selected Top 20 list is, rather fittingly, another new set featuring characters from the First Order. The rotating turbolaser turret is manned by four new First order minifigs (2 Stormtroopers, one Technician and one Crew) and features a stud shooter, weapon storage and opening hatches in the sides.

                          Buy LEGO Star Wars First Order Battle Pack Building Set here


This list is far from being complete: the variety and quality of the LEGO collection makes any ‘Top’ list difficult to compile as so many wonderful LEGO sets have to be excluded. We have included what we believe are the ‘best of the best’ for Star Wars LEGO fans (old and new). We hope they give you as much pleasure as they have given us.

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